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This title is kinda vanilla

The totally unscientific Joe Chip awards for this whatever go to –

Best search engine search queries:  “religion in embassytown” ; “hindu cryptozoology” (is that a band name yet?)

Most popular wordpress tag: mormon

Most popular subject: bill gates

Best spam: “I’m going to be careful for Brussels.” “you’ll be able to also give your baby some antibacterial baby socks to ensure that your baby is always clean” (yay it need wear nothing else, ever)

Best insult: “your writing isn’t nearly as “creative” as you think it is” (don’t joke with the militant)

Best response to a comment: “I am embarrassed how happy that makes me!” (that’s nice)


I dunno why all the spam says my titles are boring lately.  One title that is not boring is “Smile or Die” (called something more boring in the US), a book by Barbara Ehrenreich on the horrors of positive thinking and positive psychology and their negative impact in and on the US.  The very day after I finished it, at my workplace we had a psychologist present on positive psychology, and the lies we must tell ourselves to be happy.  Thanks very much universe, I visualised a scary psychologist and you sent one at me!  “The Secret” is true (it must be, its written by an Australian).   What next, is a dalek going to come to my office?  if only that had happened at the Olympics opening ceremony, Davros and crew exterminating all the Mary Poppinses … sorry they are not positive thoughts.

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An attention seeking introvert, like Clark Kent.

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  1. I thought I might have beat you in the category of best search engine search queries with “cruel paste,” but damn if it wasn’t my misreading- the search was actually for “crust paste.”
    Never mind, will you take “fat putana?” I thought that was pretty good too, not quite cruel paste, but oh well…

  2. Oh cruel paste! Perhaps I could have understood gruel paste, though I doubt I would have enjoyed it. I have learned in the last 15 seconds that one should not google “fat putana”!!! HA! Oh dear, I thought I had heard the word before, now I remember my Italian friends at school a long time ago. I think that beats mine! Speaking of best comments, I thought you had a “challenging” comment on one of your posts where a fellow said you reminded him of his mother, which could have been taken all sorts of ways. of course your response was gracious

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  4. Ah yes, the age old mother/madonna – whore complex. I suppose my blog is as suitable a repository for it as any other.

    Whomever was searching for a fat putana alas, got a haiku and perhaps a decent craving for a pasta dish I invented, puttanesca with artichoke hearts. My sister, once an actress, was cast innumerable times as the “hooker with a heart of gold” which I rather inspiredly used to convey my ditty about deep fried artichokes – After all it satisfies the every – loving mother feeding her brood with a tasty puttanesca. Oh how I do amuse myself.

    A puttanesca
    adorned with a heart of gold
    is most delicious

    Most of the time when I read my search queries, I think to myself- well they must be awfully disappointed. But this one, hey, if you can’t get a fat putana at least you can get fat eating one.


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