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An old favourite – this is why you don’t pick up sweets you find lying around – JC’s tip of the day!

You Are What You Eat

Gentle Readers, today I cheat, but you will see why:

“In 1849, hungry gold miners crossing the Nevada desert noticed some glistening balls of a candy-like substance on a cliff, licked or ate the balls, and discovered them to be sweet-tasting, but then they developed nausea.  Eventually it was realized that the balls were hardened deposits made by small rodents, called packrats … Not being toilet trained, the rats urinate in their nests, and sugar and other substances crystallize from their urine as it dries out … In effect, the hungry gold miners were eating dried rat urine laced with rat feces and rat garbage.”

 – Collapse by Jared Diamond

And this is why wise parents do not give their children rat candy, no matter how much they beg.

O frabjous day!  I knew you would understand.  And in return for your understanding, I have added mymatejoechip’s guide to healthy…

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