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Mymatejoechip blogs in several places.  They are all linked through this portal, which is a porthole looking into the polluted ocean that is my mate Joe Chip.  (That means you are this very moment sitting in the suite of an ocean liner.  Congratulations, your wealth and social status must be far greater than mine.  Doesn’t that make you feel better?)  A round up appears at this site every one to two weeks.  Joe will also blog here on things from time to time, but only because the world demands it of him.  Click on the highlighted words in the round ups to go to the blogs, or click on the blog roll.

Joe’s facebook page is in its infancy.   You can (he hopes) find it here.  My nom de blog would very much like to enter a false relationship with your pseudonym, they can make irritating music together.

He needs your help in so many ways (such as in assisting him not to write of himself in the third person.)

SOCIAL COMMENTARY – “Not Trevor” is a warning to the world.  Each generation faces dangers, and if they survive, the next generation looks back and says “how did they stuff that up?  how did they not see that coming?”  mymatejoechip has a prophetic role in providing a useful commentary on life, always wary of, and warning of, Trevor.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD – “You are what you eat except the bit you excrete” is mymatejoechip as foodie; dietician; health specialist.

IN DEPTH ECONOMIC ANALYSIS – “The 6th proletarian anarcho lotto syndicate” is the blog of the 6th proletarian anarcho lotto syndicate, the expression of the anarchist collective of edgaredgarburger and mymatejoechip, commenting on their historically inevitable (though bloody long awaited) winning of a major lottery prize.  mymatejoechip contributes commentary and coin.  edgaredgarburger is the boss anarchist, and sometimes over moderates mymatejoechip’s comments.

There, you needed to know all of that, didn’t you.  Thank you to Comrade edgaredgarburger.  Thank you to hctrees for a great kindness.  Thank you members of the academy.

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  1. I’m not sure if I know what great kindness you are referring to, but I’m glad I did it, whatever it was.

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