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Was HG Wells right?  Is the future of humanity underground?
Dialectic: should it only be prescribed by a metaphysician?  is there such a thing as a safe dose?
The conversion of crocodiles – the new frontier in vegetarianism
“It tastes like chicken” – a list of finger’ lickin’ good chicken taste-a-likes
This week in science and technology – read it here.

I was right about Steve Jobs

“Not Trevor” was the only blog to foreshadow the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple, in the presciently titled “Not Bill Gates” – well. it wasn’t Bill Gates, was it?  I found that you can’t go home again, certainly not by going into the same river twice, when I returned to Katingal and was horrified by the onset of modernity.  And the good citizens of Glossolalia found out why, despite all evidence to the contrary, communism cannot be defeated.  Catch up on the last week of advanced Trevor warnings here – no, here.


Why wise parents do not let their children have rat candy, no matter how much they beg for it.

Are eggs the only food that doesn’t taste like chicken?  Read the scientific explanation.

Licking the blind.  Sound crazy?  There’s a reason for that.

Eating Fido: the new trend in raising pets that will end up on the table

The story so far:  The ideal diet (for the moment)

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