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Mooning about

who would have thought

Rainbow lorikeet with moon

Your mate is nothing if not judgmental, quick to use national stereotypes to avoid thinking.  For example, Germany = militarism; USA = conspiracy theories; North Korea = fun times; Russia = a desperate fight to return to democracy; Australia = interesting animals.  And the most interesting of all animals are the cryptids, the subjects of cryptozoology.  Australia has plenty of them – phantom panthers, bunyips, yowies, and most intriguing of them all, the womb-bats.  I hope to provide photographs soon.  In the meantime, you can click on a link and learn all about them here.  Society has had to develop to accommodate these cute animals, and your mate has provided some advice regarding etiquette here.  It is very important not to confuse them with the savage, woman biting wombat, so for your own safety and edification, you must read this now.

Speaking about things strange and fortean, your mate had a very interesting discussion here about UFOs with partialsceptic.  Partial sceptic suggested most ufos can be explained by the weather.  Your mate challenged him on that, forcefully putting the point that it is unlikely weather could build advanced craft to fly around space in.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the coming world revolution, your mate has provided a list of topics you are not allowed to think about here.  It is very important that you read this, otherwise how will you know whether your thoughts are appropriate and you need to report for re-education?

Your mate hopes you have a very good week.

Big Boy

Australian dragon

Hey Big Boy!

Found this fellow on my walk, probably a bit under a metre head to tail tip.

Nothing happening in Trevor land this week, however your mate ruminates about the nature of the universe and contact with ET here (if the editor will hit the right button and approve the post, come on Edgarberger you lazy bugger), and conducts a scientific analysis of homeopathy here.  The bad poetry continues here.  On a good poetry page, he has a chat about Dorothy Day.

More horrifying, your mate considers himself an agony aunt, and dares to give advice to anyone who will listen at WWJCD? (What Would Joe Chip Do?).  I bet this one won’t last long.  The first (and perhaps only) piece is inspired by Adrianna F, who lives here.

It can’t be cliched if its not a gum tree …

waiting for snakes

kookaburra sits in the frangipani doesn't have the same ring

hctrees is a poet.  Your mate is not.  That however has not prevent him posting poems on such classical topics as colonic irrigation, eyes falling out, and the colour blue, here.  You have been warned.

After a quiet period, more has been revealed about Trevor’s domination of Glossolalia, where your mate is unable to maintain relationships with anything human.  These fictions are a distraction from the fiction your mate is supposed to be writing.  Ron Dionne is refusing to be distracted and will be publishing soon.

Continuing on with colonic irrigation (and why wouldn’t we?), your mate has established that it does not taste like chicken here.  Check out his salad, a lot of work went into it.

Is it possible that the Russian spring will mean that for the first time in 22 years, free elections will be held and democratic freedoms returned to the Soviet I mean Russian people.  In-depth analysis here.

Good reads: “Thought Crimes” by Tim Richards; “Mirage Men” by Mark Pilkington; “Best New Horror Vol 22” ed Stephen Jones; “On Evil” by Terry Eagleton.

I was right about Steve Jobs

“Not Trevor” was the only blog to foreshadow the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple, in the presciently titled “Not Bill Gates” – well. it wasn’t Bill Gates, was it?  I found that you can’t go home again, certainly not by going into the same river twice, when I returned to Katingal and was horrified by the onset of modernity.  And the good citizens of Glossolalia found out why, despite all evidence to the contrary, communism cannot be defeated.  Catch up on the last week of advanced Trevor warnings here – no, here.

Come and consider the contradictions inherent in the capitalist system – its fun

In this weeks thrilling installment, Comrade Edgaredgarberger confronts the People’s Court over his failure to win lotto, and still manages to pen an ode to Macarthur Park.  Indeed.  Click on the X.  X.