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Forty three degrees Celsius = 110 degrees Farenheit

That is the prediction for Sydney tomorrow, with humidity in single digits.  Total fire ban for NSW starts at midnight.  Swathes of the State have been declared a “Catastrophic” fire risk (or as the public service announcements state, unusually for such a laid back country, “YOU WILL DIE”).  I think we are only at “Extreme” fire risk where we live (“YOU WILL PROBABLY DIE”).  At the local shopping centre, there is a hall bearing a sign saying “This is an official place of last resort”, which I think is a truly wonderful sign to have!  I hate that I can hear the neighbours doing things like chopping down bushes and watering stuff, it makes me feel like I should be doing something, but if I start I won’t stop.

Shark attacks, bush fires, summer has finally arrived.

The Future is here: Science and Technology

Scientists consider the necessity for the human diet to be concrete.  The merely conceptual or abstract can be satisfying, but is ultimately unfilling.  Despite the best efforts of Walt Disney and Mao tse Tung, scientists have proven that distraction can only feed the masses to a limited extent.

Discover the literary heritage of a little known beverage, The Coca Cola.  And is this an opportune time to remark that this blog is in search of sponsors?

Is the future of humanity in flames? Do we need to embrace fire, to survive as a species?  What do you think?

Its all here.  No, its here.