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Here is part of a poem about cancer


Cancer too is a prize

You don’t have to queue at the newsagent’s

to buy a ticket

They slip it in with the teddy bear,

the beatrix potter china setting,

the first photograph album,


The final draw may be foreshadowed

in the missed stitch in the booties

grandma made

put aside, only used at your Baptism.

(“It was her last pair.  Do you think she knew?”)

Unlike the contents of your bowels

or your most recent projectile vomit,

it is not discussed in polite company.

You can read the rest of my cancer poem here.  It is a change from poems about tv shows, I suppose.

I will not be posting as much as I once did.  I am attempting to spend more time on writing fiction.  As they say in the classics, life is short, time to get my finger out and have a red hot go.  Two funerals this week, though caring for a sick person I could only get to one.  It tends to focus the mind.

Australia’s First Lyme Disease Protest – 14th September 2012

For anyone who is in Sydney Australia on Friday, this is a Joe Chip sanctioned event (I’m sure that will thrill the organisers).


Australia’s First Lyme Disease Protest – 14th September 2012


The Australian Lyme Disease patient community, together with their friends and families are holding Australia’s first Lyme Disease protest for awareness and recognition of the disease in Australia.


The protest will be held outside NSW Health Ministry offices in North Sydney, NSW on September 14th, 2012 at 4pm. The protest is for:

•             Funding for Lyme Disease research in Australia

•             Adequate and accredited testing processes in Australia

•             Education for Australian medical professionals to recognise, test and treat both early and chronic stage Lyme Disease



Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans by ticks and potentially other insects. Left untreated, Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-Infections (other bacteria and viruses also carried by ticks that are often also transmitted at the time of bite) can cause numerous health symptoms including severe neurological damage and severe pain, and can be fatal. Lyme Disease often mimics other illnesses such as MS, Motor Neurons Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Anxiety, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson ’s disease, Behavioural / Psychiatric Disorders, and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Thousands of Australians may be infected with Lyme Disease, but are misdiagnosed with other illnesses due to lack of education within in the Australian medical community.


Numerous Australian children have also been diagnosed with Lyme Disease via pregnancy / birth infection. Overseas research has also indicated Lyme bacteria (borreliosis) has the potential to be transmitted via blood transfusion, organ donations and sexually. In the USA where Lyme was first discovered during the 1970s, Lyme Disease is now epidemic in numbers being the 5th most commonly reported Nationally Notifiable Disease. Lyme has also subsequently spread across the world with European and Asian countries recognising the disease and treating Lyme Disease patients.



The Australian government, both State and Federal, continue to deny that Australian ticks carry lyme disease despite thousands of Australians being bitten, presenting with known Lyme Disease symptoms, testing positive for the illness, and seeing drastic health improvements with treatment. This denial is conclusive of a single study conducted in the early 1990s which assumed that only one strain of borreliosis can cause Lyme disease. There are, in fact, numerous strains of borreliosis which the ticks were not tested for during this study. This included those European strains causing severe neurological symptoms; coincidentally these strains present similar symptoms to those seen in our Australian Lyme Disease patients. The investigation into the possibility of a local strain of borreliosis was also not investigated and tested for.

Australian patients suffering from this illness are being told “Lyme isn’t here” or “there is little evidence that it occurs in Australia”. NSW Health (who advises other Australian state health departments on testing and treatment guidelines) are denying Lyme Disease patients with accurate testing for Australian strains, and withholding proven treatment methods to relieve their symptoms and prevent their deaths.


There have been various previous Australian research studies conducted by qualified medical professionals and animal zoological experts proving Lyme Disease exists in Australia. This research has been available as early as in the 1950s when lyme borreliosis was discovered in Australian native animals. This study and later studies proving the existence of Lyme in Australia has been ignored by NSW Health. Australian patients are being left to suffer, or told they are mentally unwell. There have been known deaths due to Lyme Disease in Australia.


NSW Health have also been ignoring the hundreds of patients who have been contacting them via letters and phone-calls for several years alerting them of the illness and requesting their support.


The Lyme Disease community are holding this peaceful protest to request their acknowledgement of their illness in hope that they can achieve recognition of their illness, research funding, education of Australian medical professionals, and accurate testing and treatments within Australia.