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Not Happy

Former Australian Rupert Murdoch’s Australian cable network, Foxtel, declares “Elves Not Happy” (at .10)


And I have no idea what the hell is going on with this German Grammar from the BBC.  Timelords are apparently sending messages through the Book Depository website (I wonder if a Timelord sent a special message from the Texas Book Depository?  ‘cos in his latest opus, Stephen King proves that if JFK had lived, killer earthquakes would have ripped North America apart.  Lee Harvey Oswald is from Gallifrey.  Does that make Jack Ruby the Master?  Or a Dalek?  James Ellroy is going to have to rewrite American Tabloid.  O, if only he had stopped there!  O, why did he have to write those sequels?)

Sorry.  Do you want to hear me sing?


Sticky beak


If only the beak had been on the other side ... if only he hadn't gotten himself so blurry

My best photo of an azure kingfisher so far, I have a lot of work to do on these.  They usually fly off before I can get my camera ready, so I’ll have to be a little bit happy with this.

Your mate has been busy and has a lot of work to do, so not much in the way of commentary today.  He has solved all of the world’s food security problems here.  I am a little surprised that he has gone all tabloid on us here and provided details of his own personal Cuban crisis ( a sultry night … a chance encounter … with JFK … you join the dots, but not on your screen, the ink may not come off).  He provides well meant advice on delicate family relationships here, but one is left wondering whether he understands what understands means.  He’s even managed to pen and publish a poem about adolescent longing and sunburn here.  True art.

Your mate was in geek boy heaven this week watching Shark Harbour.  What more could one ask for from a documentary – sharks, gadgets, sharks, cameras on sharks, satellite tracking devices on sharks, shark attacks, sharks?  I got to watch people at work who are absolutely enthused about what they do.  Your mate is passionate about very little (he is a plastic doll, after all, as evidenced by his gravatar), but he so likes to see enthusiasm in others.  It was odd, I was sitting there watching it (it isn’t gruesome) and I realised that I was feeling happy.  You have to realise that in my part of the world, reports of shark sightings and shark attacks are portents of Christmas, and I suspect there was a bit of childish enthusiasm bubbling up around that, together with some excitement about “safe fear” (that will not feel so safe next time I am at the beach).  Every Christmas holidays, the newspapers would report dangers and crises – funnel web spider bite fatalities, shark attacks, “Deadly blue ringed octopus found in children’s pool”, stranger danger, and brewery strikes, so that now emergencies give me a Christmassy feel.