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This is my favourite, for all sorts of personal reasons. I liked it so much it has just about killed this blog for me, unfortunately as I quite liked playing around with it, but I feel I have set a standard I cannot reach. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is not the Sistine chapel, I am just talking about what I am trying to achieve in this little pool. Oh well.

Not Trevor

News of the bus misadventure in the Canutes caused me to reflect on an incident from my school days.

Those of a certain age will remember the tightening of the curriculum, when a scientific fine tooth comb was drawn through the hippy length hair of what in those days passed for the imparting of knowledge to the young.  How bracing we found the shock of the new, when the wool was pulled from over our eyes and we saw not through a glass darkly for the first time.  I remember our science teacher, nervous, looking around, perhaps unsure of how we would react to the “New Learning”.  Then he opened his mouth:

“Children.  Here is something interesting that I have to … need to tell you about.  Did you know that flight is impossible?”

How intrigued I was.  I recall the brand new text books that were handed around that day…

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This week with Joe …

Your prophet and scientist, Joe Chip, has been very concerned with the effects of genetic engineering this week.  In “Not Trevor“, he looked at how the perception of Huxley’s “Brave New World” has changed from dystopia to utopia in recent years, and at the development of a genetic engineering facility in his own home town.

In “You are what you eat“, he moves on from an examination of fire as a traditional foodstuff, to plans that are afoot to introduce insect genes into farmyard animals, to improve breeding and meat production.

Over at the 6th Proletarian Lotto Anarcho-syndicate, Joe is looking for a missing friend, and wondering whether that is an indication they may actually have won the lottery … hmm.  Has anybody seen Comrade Edgaredgarberger?

Joe loves your comments.  Perhaps he gave some to you, just to help you out.